Lillian Espinoza-Gala, owner LEG Exploration Education, is a Human Factors Consultant. The National russian dating review Academy of Science-Engineering-Medicine nominated her to serve on steering committee in 2017-2018 to create a two day Gulf Research Project international workshop on Offshore Worker Engagement.  In 2017 she was invited to serve on SPE International Human Factors Technical Section.  Lillian is a founding member of the Deepwater Horizon Study Group (Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at Berkeley).  Further, her work includes the relationship between market downturns and catastrophes like Piper Alpha, the Ocean Ranger, and NASA’s Challenger and Columbia tragedies.  In 2014, Lillian was invited by the University of Louisiana-Lafayette to instruct a Senior Petroleum Engineering Design Course ( bestphonetrackers.com PETE 401) on the topic of Macondo, Montara, Gullfaks C, the KS Endeavor, and the Frade, and the Elgin blowouts. She also worked as a researcher/process-safety consultant on HAZOPs for managed pressure drilling and riser gas handling systems for a major service company..

She served as a plenary speaker at SPE Aberdeen Another Perspective on Risk Conference with Lord Cullen and Getting a Grip on Drilling-Human Factors SPE London in 2014.  She has B.G.S. (1988) and A.S in Petroleum Technology (1977) from Nicholls State University.


Lillian was inducted into the Offshore Energy Center Pioneer Hall of Fame as An Industry Champion in 2016Her plaque defines An Industry Champion as an individual whose fortitude and dedication created positive change in the workplace or culture of the offshore industry.  Distinct from business or technological pioneers, Honorees are advocates or visionaries who clear the way for the triumph of new ideas and approaches.  Not merely industry promoters, these individuals have championed a cause, policy, program, or project that helped shape the industry for the better. – Offshore Energy Center