Nominated to serve on Steering Committee for National Academy of Science -Engineering & Medicine -Gulf Research Project-Offshore Worker Empowerment August 2017-May 2018. We held a 2 day workshop in Houston, Texas in January 2018 with 80 renowned international offshore oil and gas leaders from C-Suite through middle and lower shore management as well as offshore company men, OIMs, field engineers, production field foreman and subsea specialists.   This is a link to the report:


  • Engineering- A Sacred Profession, May 16, 2018 Houston, Texas, Women in Engineering, IMarEST Gulf Coast Section-USA. Houston, Texas
  • Macondo:  The Final Crew Change Through Lens of Second Stories, NAS-Gulf Research Project, Offshore Worker Engagement Workshop, Twenty Minute version. Houston, TX January 2018 Link to Piper Alpha Presentation by Steve Rae and Deepwater Horizon by Lillian Espinoza-Gala: This is the Piper Alpha and Deepwater Horizon Presentations:
  • Key Note Closing Speech: Human and Organization Factors for Engineering in the 21st Century SPE International Conference and Exhibition or Formation Damage Control, Lafayette, Louisiana February 25, 2016
  • Speaker Getting to Grips with Human Factors in Drilling Operations SPE OKC Monthly Luncheon, Will Rogers Theater, PM,  Final Crew Presented by Lillian Espinoza-Gala July 21st, 2016
  • Technical Meetings IMar EST HQ: Institute Enginerree Science and Technology. Piper Alpha to Macondo: Human and Organizational System Breakdowns” Presented by: Lillian Espinoza-Gala, Member of Berkley’s University Centre for Catastrophic Risk Management IMarEST HQ: Institute Marine Enginerree Science and Technology.
  • My Journey  in the Energy Industry from 1973 through 2016.
  • Speaker: Piper Alpha to Macondo-Human and Organizational Factors. IADC Deepwater Subsea Management Course, Invited by Mike Fry, CEO of Deepwater Subsea.  November 18, 2015, Katy, Texas
  • SPE Evangeline Section Study Group Luncheon Meeting. Topic :Catastrophic Risk Management. Macondo: The Final Crew Change September 23, 2014
  • Macondo: The  Final Crew Change.    Nicholls State University. Seven and Seven Petroleum Technology and HSSE students. 09/2014
  • Responsible Organizations: Learning from the blow out and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico MBA Department,  Raumboud  University,  Monday  6 Oct 2014,  Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Macondo-The Final Crew Change; Through Lens of Second Stories, Lafayette Desk and Derrick, April 2015 to honor 5th Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Eleven, survivors and all offshore men and women and shore management forever impacted by the disaster including the company men facing prison terms.
  • Macondo, Montara, Frade, KS Endeavor and Gullfaks C: Loss of well control in global offshore waters, UL- Lafayette Anthropology Department.  Topical discussion on  Human Factors in System Breakdowns.  January 2015.  Invited by DR. C. Ray Brassieur.
  • Getting to Grips with Human Factors in Drilling Workshop. Dr. John Thorogood, Margaret Crichton, Kristine Lauche. September 30, October 3, 2014,London, Presented opening power point to pay tribute and to honor all those involved in Macondo from London to Houston and to those on the rig.
  • Speaker and Panelist Another Perspective on Risk- The Tipping Point with Lord Cullen. March 5 2014 SPE Aberdeen, Scotland: Helped Ella Minty by inviting participants from United States and worked on getting industry sponsors for SPE Aberdeen. Presented my research on Deepwater Horizon Human Factors issues Macondo: The Final Crew Change Had the honor of spending three hours in one-on-one conversations with Lord Cullen and listening to his reflections 26 years after Piper Alpha. Spent an entire day with Pastor Gordon Craig, Chaplain of UK Offshore Oil And Gas. Below are three Youtube videos from the March 5, 2014 event.

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